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Chronic Cellars – Sir Real 750mL


Discover Chronic Cellars’ Sir Real Cabernet, a robust 750mL bottle of fine wine from the prestigious vineyards of California. Renowned for its bold flavors, it features a perfect blend of rich fruit and elegant oak. Ideal for any occasion, this exquisite selection from our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant adds sophistication to your wine rack. Elevate your next gathering with this sumptuous choice.

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The Chronic Cellars – Sir Real Cabernet Sauvignon, presented in a 750mL bottle, is a remarkable example of the meticulous craft and passion that defines the Chronic Cellars brand. This captivating wine hails from the sun-drenched vineyards of Paso Robles, California, a region renowned for producing wines of exceptional character and depth. Chronic Cellars, known for its artistic labels and innovative winemaking, has meticulously cultivated a Cabernet Sauvignon that encapsulates the vibrant spirit and rich terroir of the area.

Upon pouring, Sir Real Cabernet Sauvignon reveals a deeply inviting ruby hue, hinting at the complexity and layers of flavor that await. The nose is greeted with an aromatic blend of dark fruits, including ripe blackberries and cherries, subtly interwoven with hints of vanilla and spice derived from its aging in oak barrels. The palate is treated to a harmonious balance of robust tannins and velvety texture, paving the way for a finish that is both long and delightfully smooth.

This distinguished Cabernet is more than just a wine; it’s an experience. Whether you’re adding a sophisticated touch to a special dinner, looking for the perfect gift in a bespoke wine gift box, or simply seeking to elevate your wine rack with a distinguished selection, Sir Real by Chronic Cellars is an impeccable choice. It reflects the essence of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s commitment to offering fine wine and good spirits that cater to the refined tastes of connoisseurs nationwide, ensuring an unmatched experience with every sip.

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