Woodbridge – Chardonnay 3L


Experience the delightful Woodbridge Chardonnay in a generous 3L box, perfect for your gatherings or enjoying at home. Crafted in the USA by renowned winemaker Robert Mondavi, this chardonnay is known for its crisp, fresh flavors with hints of apple and pear. Ideal for those who appreciate fine wine without the fuss. Now available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your go-to source for exquisite wine choices.

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Delight in the exquisite taste of Woodbridge – Chardonnay 3L, a must-have selection from the prestigious Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your premier destination for fine wine and spirits. With a commitment to quality and variety, this online store emanates from the heart of Commack, New York, on Long Island, extending its premium alcohol delivery and pick-up services nationwide. The Woodbridge Chardonnay, housed in an ample 3L box, ensures that your wine glass is never short of splendid taste and sophistication.

Originating from the renowned vineyards of California, this Chardonnay by Woodbridge reflects the mastery and tradition of American winemaking. Its rich flavors are a testament to the fertile lands it’s grown on, capturing the essence of fine wine with every sip. The Woodbridge Chardonnay is characterized by its vibrant, fruity notes and a smooth finish, accented with hints of oak and vanilla that dance on the palate. This wine is a versatile companion to a wide array of meals, enhancing flavors from hearty pastas to light, gourmet salads with its balanced acidity and full-bodied texture.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your personal wine collection or seeking the perfect gift, the Woodbridge – Chardonnay 3L from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers more than just a wine; it’s an experience. Add a touch of elegance with their optional wine gift box service or engraving for that special someone. Ideal for wine enthusiasts seeking rose, sweet red, dry white, or any fine wine and good spirits, this Chardonnay invites you to explore quality and taste, delivered right to your door or ready for local pickup. Together with an extensive selection ensuring “our wine rack fills your wine glasses,” your quest for the best wine ends here.

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