Vesica – Pineapple Vodka 750mL


Experience the exotic flair of Vesica Pineapple Vodka, a unique spirit that will transport your taste buds to tropical paradise. Crafted in Poland, Vesica is renowned for its smooth, premium-quality vodka. This 750mL bottle perfectly blends the robust flavors of vodka with the sweet, tangy essence of ripe pineapples. Ideal for cocktails or enjoying chilled, it’s a must-have for your next gathering. Dive into a bottle now and let your senses revel in the delight!

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Discover the vibrant and tantalizing Vesica Pineapple Vodka, a unique offering from the renowned Vesica brand. This premium vodka, distilled and bottled in Poland, epitomizes the art of fine spirit creation, combining traditional distillation methods with contemporary flavor innovation. The Vesica Pineapple Vodka is presented in an elegantly designed 750mL bottle, perfect for any occasion, from casual gatherings to sophisticated celebrations.

Crafted from 100% triple distilled potato vodka, a method known for producing spirits of exceptional purity and smoothness, this vodka is then infused with the luscious and tropical essence of ripe pineapples. The result is a harmonious blend that is both invigorating and smooth, delivering a sweet yet tangy pineapple flavor that dances on the palate, perfectly balanced by the vodka’s natural crispness.

Ideal for those who appreciate fine vodka and the exotic sweetness of pineapple, Vesica Pineapple Vodka is versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own, over ice, or as the star ingredient in a variety of cocktails. Think of a refreshing Pineapple Martini or a tropical twist on the Moscow Mule; this vodka elevates any drink it’s part of.

The Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is proud to offer Vesica Pineapple Vodka, along with an expansive selection of wines and spirits shipped nationwide or available for local pickup and delivery in Commack, New York. For those looking to gift this exquisite vodka, consider adding a touch of elegance with our wine gift box or wine bottle engraving service. Whether you’re a connoisseur or just exploring the world of spirits, Vesica Pineapple Vodka is a delightful choice that promises to bring a taste of tropical luxury to your glass.

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