Three Olives – Rose Vodka 1L


Dive into the unique blend of Three Olives – Rose Vodka, proudly featured at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This exquisite 1L vodka from England combines traditional vodka smoothness with the refreshing taste of rose wine. Perfect for elevating your cocktail experience or enjoying straight up. Shop with us in Commack, NY, for local pickup or opt for convenient nationwide shipping. Discover your new favorite today!

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At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in the heart of Commack, New York, we pride ourselves in continuously expanding our already vast collection of spirited treasures. This season, we are thrilled to introduce a remarkable addition ideal for connoisseurs and casual sippers alike: the Three Olives – Rosé Vodka 1L. Originating from the United Kingdom, this superbly crafted vodka seamlessly blends the bold, innovative spirit of Three Olives Vodka with the delicate and refined notes of rosé wine, creating a harmonious fusion that’s both unique and refreshing.

This exceptional spirit is distilled from the finest English wheat, renowned for its purity and high quality. The distillation process is meticulously monitored to ensure a smoothness and clarity that only Three Olives can boast. The infusion with rosé wine flavor captures the essence of a crisp, sun-kissed afternoon in the vineyards, offering a subtle sweetness and hint of fruitiness that rosé lovers will find irresistible. This versatility makes it perfect for sipping chilled, over ice, or as the foundation of your new favorite cocktail, promising to elevate any gathering or solitary moment of relaxation.

Bottled at 1L, it ensures that there’s plenty to go around, whether you’re hosting a sophisticated soiree or enjoying a quiet evening at home. For those looking to gift something truly distinctive, consider adding our wine gift box option. The Three Olives – Rosé Vodka also stands as an excellent candidate for our custom bottle engraving service, transforming a bottle into a memorable keepsake.

Explore this elegant offering and more from our extensive selection of wines and spirits. Whether you’re near or far, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant delivers directly to your doorstep across all 50 states. Discover the taste of luxury, sophistication, and innovation with every sip of Three Olives – Rosé Vodka.

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