Svedka – Grapefruit Jalapeno 1.75L


Experience the unique taste of Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeno Vodka from our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This Swedish vodka combines the refreshing zest of grapefruit with a spicy jalapeno kick in a 1.75L bottle. Perfect for those adventurous palates seeking something out of the ordinary. Elevate your cocktails with this bold flavor and explore our wide selection with nationwide shipping.

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Experience the intriguing fusion of flavors with Svedka’s Grapefruit Jalapeno 1.75L bottle, a bold choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary. Crafted by the renowned Swedish brand Svedka, which is celebrated for its innovative approaches to vodka production, this spirit invites you on a journey of taste that’s as exhilarating as it is surprising.

Svedka, a leader in the world of vodka, has always been at the forefront of flavor innovation. Their Grapefruit Jalapeno offering is no exception, perfectly balancing the zesty, tangy notes of grapefruit with the fiery, peppery kick of jalapeno. This vodka is distilled five times, a testament to Svedka’s commitment to purity and quality, ensuring that each sip delivers a smooth mouthfeel accompanied by its distinctly bold flavors.

Housed in a 1.75L bottle, this vodka serves as an ideal base for crafting creative cocktails that stand out. Whether you’re looking to add some pizazz to a summer party or wanting to warm up a chilly evening with friends, its unique blend of the sweet and the spicy makes it a versatile choice for various mixology experiments. Imagine the possibilities – from a daring twist on the classic Bloody Mary to a refreshing and spicy grapefruit jalapeno mule, this vodka promises to elevate your drink game.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we’re excited to offer Svedka’s Grapefruit Jalapeno vodka not just for its exceptional taste but also for the conversations it starts. Perfect for gifting, especially when paired with our wine gift box or engraved for a personal touch, it stands as a distinctive choice for those who appreciate the fusion of traditional and modern flavors. We ensure that from our wine and spirits selection directly to your glass, each bottle represents both quality and excitement, embodying the true spirit of innovation that Svedka and our Long Island store stand for.

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