Pearl – Coconut Vodka 50mL


Experience the tropical allure of Pearl Coconut Vodka, an exquisite selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Crafted in Canada, this 50mL spirit combines the smooth taste of premium vodka with the sweet, creamy essence of coconut. Perfect for enhancing your cocktail creations or enjoying as a chilled shot. Elevate your home bar with this island-inspired indulgence, available for nationwide shipping.

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Nestled in the heart of Commack, New York, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant has quickly become the go-to destination for fine wine and exquisite spirits. Among its carefully curated collection showcases the Pearl – Coconut Vodka, a premium selection that stands out for both its quality and versatility. This exceptional spirit, housed in an elegantly designed 50mL bottle, brings to the fore the artisanship of the Pearl brand, known for its innovative and flavor-forward approach to vodka crafting.

Originating from Canada, Pearl Vodka is distilled five times, ensuring a smooth, pure base. What sets the Coconut Vodka apart is its tantalizing flavor profile. Infused with natural coconut flavors, this vodka offers a tropical escape with each sip, conjuring up images of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. The subtle sweetness, coupled with a creamy texture, makes it a versatile spirit, perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as a flexible base in a myriad of cocktails.

For those seeking to elevate their home bar or find the perfect gift for the vodka aficionado in their life, the Pearl – Coconut Vodka reflects an impeccable choice. Whether it’s added to a personalized wine gift box or included in a wine selection for a special occasion, this vodka promises to make any moment unforgettable. Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, with its commitment to offering the best, ensures each bottle from their extensive range, including this exquisite coconut vodka, meets the expectations of their discerning clientele, making every purchase a discovery of fine wine and good spirits.

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