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Ketel One – Vodka 50mL


Experience the smoothness of Ketel One Vodka, a premium spirit crafted with traditional methods in the Netherlands. Perfect for savoring neat or in cocktails, our 50mL bottle is a great way to enjoy or share this exceptional vodka. Shop with Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant for nationwide delivery and discover more fine spirits and wines.

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Nestled within the premier selection of the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, an online store hailing from Commack, New York, is a gem of a spirit renowned for its smooth finish and exceptional quality — the Ketel One Vodka, available in a handy 50mL size. This exquisite vodka, a staple for any connoisseur or casual enjoyer, is a product of meticulous craftsmanship and a testament to the Nolet family’s enduring legacy in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

Ketel One Vodka is distilled from 100% wheat in copper pot stills, filtered over loose charcoal, and rests in tile-lined tanks until ready. This process ensures a purity and smoothness that’s unparalleled. Its unique production technique, combining traditional copper pot distillation with modern distillation methods, results in a vodka that is both rich in character and refreshingly clear in taste. Each sip is as smooth as it is satisfying, with a soft, gentle texture that invites you to savor it neat, on the rocks, or as a versatile base in your favorite cocktails.

The 50mL bottle, perfect for gifting, sampling, or adding to your collection, reflects Ketel One’s commitment to quality in every drop. Whether you’re exploring the delicate art of mixology or seeking a refined spirit for your next celebration, Ketel One Vodka is a choice that promises to elevate the occasion.

The Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, with its expansive offering of fine wines and spirits, proudly ships this exemplary vodka to all 50 states, ensuring that connoisseurs across the US can enjoy the refined taste of Ketel One. With services that include alcohol delivery, local pickup, and engraving, this liquor store ensures that your experience is as premium as the products they offer. Immerse yourself in the world of fine spirits with Ketel One Vodka and experience the pinnacle of Dutch craftsmanship delivered right to your door.

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