Colorado – 190′ Proof Vodka 1.75L


Indulge in the exceptional Colorado – 190′ Proof Vodka, a premium spirit renowned for its clean and smooth profile. Crafted in the USA, this 1.75L vodka promises purity and power, perfect for connoisseurs seeking a robust experience. Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, it’s ideal for your next celebration. Elevate your spirits collection or gift it with our custom engraving service.

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Discover the unrivaled purity and power of Colorado – 190° Proof Vodka, an exceptional spirit that defines the essence of craftsmanship and the spirit of the Rocky Mountains. Bottled at a commanding 1.75L, this vodka is not just a drink but a declaration of excellence and adventure. At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in the heart of Commack, New York, we are thrilled to offer this extraordinary vodka, capable of shipping to aficionados across all 50 states.

Colorado – 190° Proof Vodka is distilled with a dedication to quality that mirrors the pristine natural beauty of its origin. Crafted using the finest local ingredients and pure mountain water, this vodka achieves a level of clarity and smoothness that is unparalleled. Its robust 190 proof makes it a versatile foundation for a wide array of cocktails, satisfying the palate of those who appreciate their spirits strong and unadorned or creatively mixed.

This product holds a special place in our carefully curated selection on our wine and spirits platform. It embodies our commitment to bringing our customers not only the best wines but also exquisite spirits that elevate any occasion. Whether you’re looking to impress guests with a sophisticated home bar offering, seeking the perfect base for your artisanal cocktails, or simply wish to explore the depths of high-quality vodka, Colorado – 190° Proof Vodka is your gateway to an extraordinary experience.

For those looking to present this vodka as a gift, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers customizable options such as wine gift boxes and bottle engraving, making it an even more memorable offering for special occasions or as a sophisticated gesture of appreciation. Enjoy the convenience of alcohol delivery near you, local pickup, or nationwide shipping, ensuring that the exceptional taste of Colorado – 190° Proof Vodka is never out of reach.

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