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Experience the smooth and refined taste of Barton Vodka, a distinguished brand known for its craftsmanship. This 50mL bottle is perfect for those who appreciate quality in a compact size. Ideal for gifting or personal enjoyment, Barton Vodka offers a pristine, clean taste that’s versatile for any occasion. Proudly featured at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, it’s a must-have for vodka enthusiasts.

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Discover the smooth and versatile Barton Vodka, a standout spirit that enriches our curated collection at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Originating in the United States, Barton Vodka embodies the essence of premium distillation techniques, offering a clear, high-quality liquor that’s as adaptable as it is delightful. This spirit comes in a convenient 50mL bottle, perfect for sampling its refined taste, crafting personalized cocktails, or simply enjoying a modest serving of this exceptional vodka.

Barton Vodka is distilled to achieve a perfect balance of purity and flavor, making it an ideal base for a vast array of cocktails, from the classic martini to inventive new concoctions. Its smooth profile allows the natural essence of the distilled grains to shine through, with a clean finish that’s both satisfying and subtly complex. The small bottle size also makes it an excellent choice for a personalized gift or for inclusion in a custom liquor gift box, available from our store with the option for bottle engraving to add that special touch.

Whether you’re exploring the refined world of vodka for the first time or are a seasoned aficionado, the Barton Vodka 50mL bottle presents an excellent opportunity to indulge in fine spirits without committing to a larger volume. Its size and quality are matched only by the service and selection you’ll find at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, where we pride ourselves on offering an expansive wine and spirits selection, including this exquisite vodka, available for local delivery, pickup, or nationwide shipping. Experience the best with every sip and discover why Barton Vodka is a cherished part of our meticulously selected offering.

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