Yuki Otoko – Junmai Sake 180mL


Delight in the exquisite taste of Yuki Otoko Junmai Sake, a premium spirit from Japan, now available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 180mL bottle offers a harmonious blend of traditional flavors, perfect for savoring alone or with a meal. Shop with us and explore our diverse selection, with nationwide shipping and local delivery options. Add a touch of elegance to your collection with Yuki Otoko.

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Yuki Otoko, a name as intriguing as its taste, is a Junmai sake meticulously crafted in the snowy region of Niigata, Japan. This 180mL bottle encapsulates the essence of traditional Japanese sake-making methods, revered not only for its exquisite flavor profile but also for the folklore that envelops its very name. Yuki Otoko translates to “Snowman,” a nod to the legendary yeti of the Japanese Alps, symbolizing the sake’s connection to the cold, pure, and mysterious landscapes that contribute to its unique quality.

Produced by the esteemed Yuki Otoko brand, this Junmai sake is a pure rice wine, made without the addition of distilled alcohol, ensuring that what you taste is a direct product of fermentation’s natural alchemy. The 180mL bottle, though modest in size, is a gateway to a rich experience, offering a harmonious blend of slight sweetness with umami undercurrents, characteristic of the finest sakes. The palate is greeted with a silky texture and a clean, crisp finish, mirroring the pristine snow-covered regions of its origin.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, and delivering nationwide, we are proud to feature Yuki Otoko in our curated selection. We invite connoisseurs and curious minds alike to explore this and other fine spirits. Whether you’re enhancing your personal collection, gifting, or opting for a wine and spirit tasting adventure, Yuki Otoko – Junmai Sake promises an unparalleled journey. Enhance the experience with our personalized bottle engraving or include it in a sophisticated wine gift box for that special touch. Discover the art of sake and celebrate the rich cultural heritage it brings with every sip.

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