Royal Emblem – Coconut Rum 1.75L


Savor the tropical essence of Royal Emblem Coconut Rum, a must-have from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. With a generous 1.75L bottle, this exquisite spirit infuses your cocktails with a creamy, sun-kissed coconut flavor. Perfect for elevating any gathering, it promises an escape to paradise with every sip. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery in New York. Discover the art of fine spirits with us.

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Indulge in the exotic allure of the tropics with the Royal Emblem Coconut Rum, a distinguished selection from the comprehensive collection of the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This premium coconut rum enchants with its versatility and captivating flavors, making it stand out in our esteemed spirits assortment. Hailing from the rich traditions of Caribbean rum craftsmanship, Royal Emblem takes pride in blending the smoothest of rums with the creamy, sweet essence of coconut, promising an escape to a sun-soaked paradise with every sip.

Presented in an ample 1.75L bottle, this coconut rum is perfect for crafting a wide array of cocktails, from the classic Pina Colada to innovative creations that call for a touch of tropical flair. Its smooth, well-balanced profile makes it equally enjoyable over ice, allowing the delicate coconut notes to shine through, complemented by a subtle sweetness that’s neither overpowering nor underwhelming.

As part of our meticulously curated selection at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we take pride in offering such a versatile spirit that appeals to rum aficionados and casual sippers alike. Whether you’re looking to elevate your home bar collection, seeking the perfect ingredient for your next cocktail party, or in search of an exceptional gift for the spirit enthusiast in your life, the Royal Emblem Coconut Rum is a distinguished choice. Elevate your experience with our custom wine bottle engraving service or complement it with a bespoke wine gift box, available for a nominal fee, to make any occasion truly memorable.

Shipping nationwide, we ensure that everyone across the 50 states can enjoy the luxurious taste of Royal Emblem Coconut Rum. Whether you’re nearby in Long Island, opting for local pickup or delivery, or residing farther afar, our promise of quality and convenience ensures this exquisite rum can be enjoyed by all.

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