Seersucker – Grapefruit Gin 50mL


Discover the light and refreshing Seersucker Grapefruit Gin, a 50mL delight from the renowned Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Perfect for gin enthusiasts, this gin combines the zestiness of grapefruit with smooth botanicals, creating an invigorating taste. Made in the USA, it’s a must-try for those looking to explore vibrant flavors. Ideal for gifting or adding a zesty twist to your cocktails.

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Discover the refreshing zest of Seersucker Grapefruit Gin, exclusively available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your premium destination for fine wines and spirits. Crafted with care in the United States, Seersucker is not your ordinary gin. It embodies the spirit of Southern hospitality and warmth, which is perfectly reflected in this Grapefruit edition. The 50mL bottle, though petite, packs a punch of vibrant flavors and aromas that promise to elevate your cocktail experience.

Seersucker Grapefruit Gin is distilled with a unique blend of botanicals, including the unmistakable zest of grapefruit, juniper berries, and a selection of herbs that provide a harmonious balance of flavors. This infusion results in a gin that’s not only refreshing but also boasts a subtly sweet and tangy profile that beautifully complements the natural botanical notes of gin. Its delightful citrus burst makes it an ideal base for a variety of cocktails, whether you’re crafting a classic gin and tonic with a twist, a zesty gin martini, or a refreshing summer punch.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we understand the importance of celebrating moments big and small. Choose our Seersucker Grapefruit Gin for your next celebration or as a thoughtful gift. We offer an array of services, including local pickup, local delivery, and nationwide shipping. Opt for a special touch with our wine bottle engraving service or add it to a fancy wine gift box for an extra fee. Dive into our wine and spirits selection, where Seersucker Grapefruit Gin stands out as a testament to our commitment to bring you only the best, from our wine rack to your wine glass.

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