Barrow’s Intense – Ginger Liqueur 375mL


Dive into the zesty world of Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, a must-have from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Perfect for those who enjoy a sharp, spirited flavor, this 375mL bottle packs a punch with its pure, fiery ginger taste. Made in the USA, it’s a superb addition to cocktails or enjoyed on its own. Elevate your spirit collection and spice up your gatherings with this intense liqueur.

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Dive into the captivating world of ginger with Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, a meticulously crafted spirit that promises to add a vibrant kick to your collection. This 375mL bottle of sheer delight hails from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, bringing the unique intensity of fresh ginger directly to your glass. Unlike any other, Barrow’s Intense selects only the finest ginger to create a liqueur that is 100% natural, with no added preservatives or artificial flavors, ensuring each sip carries the genuine, robust essence of ginger.

This cordial perfectly marries the spicy warmth of ginger with a subtle sweetness, making it an exceptional choice for crafting innovative cocktails, enhancing classic drinks, or even savoring it neat to truly appreciate its complexity and depth. Its versatility extends into the culinary realm, where it can add a zesty note to various recipes, both sweet and savory.

At the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we understand the value of unique, high-quality spirits that tell a story. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur as part of our curated collection. Whether you’re looking to elevate your home bar, find the perfect gift in a beautiful wine gift box, or explore the rich tapestry of flavors spirits have to offer, Barrow’s Intense is an impeccable choice. Join us in celebrating the craftsmanship and bold flavor profile of this extraordinary liqueur, and let it ignite your taste buds with its fiery spirit.

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