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Indulge in a distinguished experience from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant with Few Rye Whiskey 750mL. Crafted in the US, this spirit marries the robust flavors of traditional rye with notes of spice and fruit for a complex taste. Perfect for savoring neat or in cocktails. Elevate any occasion with this exquisite American-made whiskey. Nationwide shipping available.

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Immerse yourself into the world of fine spirits with Few Rye Whiskey, a distinguished addition to our curated selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This exceptional 750mL bottle hails from the suburb of Evanston, Illinois, a place with a rich history tied to the temperance movement, adding a unique layer of heritage to its contents. Few Spirits, the distillery behind this remarkable rye whiskey, prides itself on handcrafting spirits in small batches, ensuring each bottle delivered to your doorstep is of the highest quality.

This Few Rye Whiskey embodies the spirit of innovation and tradition, featuring a spice-forward profile that rye enthusiasts admire. Upon pouring, you will notice its deep amber hue, hinting at the robust flavor profile within. The whiskey is characterized by notes of cinnamon, peppercorn, and clove, balanced by the underlying sweetness of vanilla and honey. Its finish is long and warming, a testament to the careful process of distillation and aging that Few Spirits champions.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, serving Commack, New York, and shipping across all 50 states, we are excited to offer this exquisite rye whiskey. Whether you’re exploring the rich tapestry of American spirits, seeking to elevate your whiskey collection, or searching for the perfect gift for a connoisseur, Few Rye Whiskey meets the mark. Pair it with one of our custom wine gift boxes or add bottle engraving to make your purchase even more memorable. Experience the blend of fine craftsmanship and distinct flavors with each sip of Few Rye Whiskey, a proud representation of our dedication to bringing only the best wine and spirits to our esteemed customers.

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