Schmitt’s Kinder – Silvaner Trocken 750mL


Embark on a journey of exquisite taste with Schmitt’s Kinder – Silvaner Trocken from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Hailing from Germany, this 750mL wine promises a unique exploration of flavor, offering a dry, crisp, and refreshing experience. Perfect for connoisseurs or as a refined gift, pair it with our wine gift box service for an unforgettable touch. Discover the essence of fine wine today.

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Discover the exquisite Schmitt’s Kinder – Silvaner Trocken, a stellar offering at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your premier destination for fine wines and spirits on Long Island. Hailing from the renowned wine-growing regions of Germany, this Silvaner Trocken is a testament to the craftsmanship and tradition that Schmitt’s Kinder brings to the world of wine. Bottled at 750mL, this white wine embodies the rich heritage and meticulous viticulture practices Germany is celebrated for.

Crafted with passion, the Schmitt’s Kinder – Silvaner Trocken showcases the varietal’s characteristic dry profile, offering a crisp and refreshing experience that is both nuanced and beautifully balanced. Its profile is a harmonious blend of subtle fruit flavors, with notes that can range from green apple and pear to more herbal undertones, making it a versatile companion to a wide array of dishes. Its elegant acidity and minerality make it not just a beverage but an experience—perfect for savoring on its own or as a complement to your gourmet meals.

As a cherished offering in our selection, this wine is a part of our commitment to bring the world’s best wines right to your doorstep. Whether you’re on Long Island or across the country, you can enjoy fast local delivery or nationwide shipping, ensuring that this exquisite German wine can be enjoyed wherever you are. Consider adding a touch of elegance to your order with our wine gift box service or make it uniquely yours with our bottle engraving option. Dive into the world of fine wines with Schmitt’s Kinder – Silvaner Trocken and let us bring the best of the wine world to your wine glass.

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