Borgo Paglianetto – Verdicchio 750mL


Enjoy the exquisite flavors of Italy with Borgo Paglianetto’s Verdicchio, a premier selection from our wine collection. This 750mL bottle offers a taste of the Marche region, known for its crisp, aromatic profile with notes of citrus and almond. Perfect for connoisseurs seeking fine wine, it’s available for nationwide shipping or local delivery. Experience the best of Italian whites with us.

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Discover the elegant and refreshing Borgo Paglianetto Verdicchio, a fine selection from the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This exquisite wine hails from Italy, specifically the picturesque hills of the Marche region, known for its rich winemaking tradition and the quality of its Verdicchio grapes. Borgo Paglianetto is a winery that prides itself on sustainability and respect for nature, ensuring each bottle embodies the essence of the land it comes from.

The Borgo Paglianetto Verdicchio is presented in a classic 750mL bottle, promising an authentic Italian wine experience. It belongs to the ‘Whites Other’ category, signifying its unique character among white wines. This particular Verdicchio stands out for its crisp, vibrant palate and well-balanced acidity. It teases the senses with floral notes and hints of citrus and almond, making it a versatile choice for wine lovers. Its light body and refreshing finish make it an excellent pair for seafood, poultry, and a variety of vegetarian dishes, enhancing any dining experience.

When you choose the Borgo Paglianetto Verdicchio from our Long Island-based online store, you’re not just purchasing a bottle of wine; you’re embracing a piece of Italian winemaking artistry. Perfect for special occasions or casual evenings at home, this wine represents the best of what Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant has to offer. Whether you’re seeking alcohol delivery near you on Long Island or shipping across the 50 states, we ensure that your pursuit of fine wine and good spirits is met with unparalleled service and selection. Experience the harmony of flavors that Borgo Paglianetto Verdicchio brings to your table, a testament to the rich, winemaking heritage of Italy.

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