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Discover the exquisite taste of Yzaguirre Blanco Vermouth in our selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Perfectly crafted in Spain, this 1L delight encapsulates a harmonious blend of sweet and bitter flavors, making it an ideal addition to your wine collection. Enjoy the sophistication it brings to any gathering. Nationwide shipping available. Ideal for vermouth aficionados and those looking to explore.

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The Yzaguirre Blanco 1L is an exquisite selection from our premier portfolio at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, embodying the rich tradition of vermouth production. Crafted in Spain, a country renowned for its vermouth-making heritage, Yzaguirre has been a symbol of quality and tradition since its inception. This Blanco variant, housed in a generous 1-liter bottle, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Vermouth, a fortified wine, is known for its versatility and Yzaguirre Blanco is no exception. It offers a harmonious blend of sweet and bitter, with botanicals that are carefully selected to create a complex yet balanced profile. The aromas hint at Mediterranean herbs and spices, intermingling with floral notes and a citrus zest that awakens the senses. On the palate, it delivers a smooth, sophisticated experience with a slight sweetness that transitions into a pleasantly bitter finish, evoking flavors of wormwood, chamomile, and elderflower among others.

Ideal for sipping alone over ice or as a key ingredient in cocktails, Yzaguirre Blanco elevates any drinking experience. Whether you’re crafting a classic Martini or experimenting with modern mixology, this vermouth is sure to impress. It’s also an essential for any wine aficionado’s collection, perfect for pairing with light appetizers or seafood dishes, enhancing the flavors with its aromatic complexity.

For those looking to gift this fine vermouth, our online store offers the option to add a fancy wine gift box or even bottle engraving, making Yzaguirre Blanco a memorable and sophisticated choice for any occasion. As part of our extensive wine and spirits selection, we’re proud to ship this premium vermouth, along with our other curated offerings, to all 50 states, ensuring that connoisseurs everywhere can enjoy the flavors of Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s diverse collection.

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