Jade – Peach Bellini 750mL


Introducing the delightful Jade Peach Bellini from our exquisite wine selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Crafted with succulent peaches, this 750mL sparkling wine promises a refreshing and elegant drinking experience. Perfect for celebrations or cozy evenings, it embodies the essence of fine wine. Available for shipping across all 50 states, or local delivery in Commack, NY. Elevate your moments with Jade.

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Imagine a sparkling gala in your glass, with Jade’s Peach Bellini as the star. This effervescent 750mL bottle is a celebration of the finest peach flavors, masterfully blended with quality sparkling wine to create an elixir that dances on the palate. Originating from the heart of wine innovation, this bottle is a testament to the art of wine-making, where tradition meets a modern twist. Each sip of Jade’s Peach Bellini is a journey through lush orchards, with the ripe, juicy essence of peaches picked at the peak of perfection. The harmonious blend with sparkling wine results in a refreshingly light, yet complex flavor profile that is both sweet and sophisticated.

Crafted for those special moments, Jade Peach Bellini is not just a drink, but an experience. It’s an ideal companion for celebrations, whether big or small, or simply as a luxurious end to a day. It pairs beautifully with light appetizers, seafood, and the joyous laughter of good company. Its versatility also shines through when served as a base for creative cocktails that call for a touch of sweetness and sparkle.

From the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, nestled in Commack, New York, this exceptional sparkling wine is part of a curated selection that promises only the finest to its clientele. Available for nationwide shipping, local delivery, and pickup, it’s an accessible luxury, waiting to be uncorked. Whether you’re adding an elegant touch to your collection, sending a thoughtful wine gift box, or simply indulging in the pleasure of a well-stocked wine rack, Jade’s Peach Bellini is a choice that promises to delight and inspire.

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