Altemasi – Brut 750mL


Experience the elegance of Altemasi Brut, a refined sparkling wine hailing from Italy. With each 750mL bottle, savor the harmonious blend of crisp apple and floral aromas that define this premium selection. Perfect for celebrations or a classy evening, Altemasi Brut is now available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local delivery in Commack, New York.

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Dive into the effervescent charm of the Altemasi Brut, a sparkling treasure that embodies the finesse and tradition of Italian winemaking. This exquisite bottle from Altemasi is a testament to the mastery of crafting sparkling wines that carry the essence and vibrancy of the Trentino region, a revered wine-making area known for its high-altitude vineyards and unique terroir. The Altemasi Brut is meticulously produced using the traditional method, ensuring each sip offers a harmonious balance of richness and elegance.

At 750mL, this bottle is a delightful promise of celebration and sophistication. The Altemasi Brut distinguishes itself with a fine, persistent perlage that dances gracefully in your glass, a visual prelude to the sensory experience that awaits. The nose is greeted with a delicate bouquet of white flowers, green apple, and a whisper of yeast – a signature of its noble heritage and careful fermentation process. On the palate, the Altemasi Brut reveals a refreshing acidity that is beautifully balanced with a subtle creaminess and a hint of ripe fruits, leading to a finish that is both clean and lingering.

Ideal for both special occasions and as a refined addition to any meal, this sparkling wine boasts versatility. Whether it’s to commemorate a milestone, elevate a cozy dinner at home, or to gift in one of our specially designed wine gift boxes, the Altemasi Brut is a choice that speaks of taste and tradition. Embrace the elegance of Italian sparkling wine and let the Altemasi Brut be a sparkling jewel in your wine selection, promising an unforgettable journey with each effervescent sip.

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