Southern Belle – Jumilla 750mL


Indulge in the exquisite Southern Belle from Jumilla, Spain, a standout selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL bottle of Spanish Red offers a robust experience with rich flavors perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re in New York or across the US, elevate your wine collection with this fine choice, now available for delivery or local pickup. Savor the distinctive taste of Southern Belle!

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Step into the vibrant world of fine wines with Southern Belle, a splendid entry in the repertoire of Spanish Reds that promises to elevate your wine experience. Born from the sun-drenched vineyards of Jumilla, Spain, this 750mL marvel is a testament to the rich viticultural heritage and passion for winemaking that spans centuries in this region. Southern Belle is not just a wine; it’s a journey to the heart of Spain, offering a sip of its storied lands.

Crafted with meticulous care, Southern Belle encapsulates the bold spirit of Spanish viticulture. Its complex layers unfold with each sip, revealing a harmonious blend of flavors that dance on the palate. The wine presents a rich, deep ruby hue, enticing the senses even before the first sip. As you indulge in this exquisite creation, expect to be greeted by a robust profile of ripe dark fruits, a hint of spice, and a whisper of vanilla, courtesy of its meticulous aging process. Its velvety texture and nuanced finish make it a standout choice for any occasion, whether a quiet evening at home or a celebratory gathering.

Available through Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this fine selection exemplifies the store’s commitment to bringing unique, high-quality wines to enthusiasts across all 50 states. With services stretching from local pickup to nationwide shipping, and options such as wine bottle engraving and gift boxing, Southern Belle from Jumilla is more than just a wine—it’s an accessible luxury, ready to grace your wine glass and enrich your collection. Whether you’re new to the world of Spanish Reds or a seasoned aficionado, Southern Belle promises an unforgettable foray into the essence of Spain’s viticultural excellence.

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