Markovic Estates – Shiraz 1.5L


Discover the robust flavors of Markovic Estates Shiraz, a 1.5L masterpiece from the lush vineyards of Australia. This Shiraz is a symphony of bold, rich flavors, perfect for any occasion. Available now at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we proudly ship this fine wine nationwide, ensuring you can savor its excellence wherever you are. Add a touch of elegance to your collection today.

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Discover the robust flavors of Markovic Estates Shiraz, a magnificent addition to the distinguished selection offered by Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 1.5L bottle epitomizes the essence of fine wine, precisely curated for aficionados and novices alike, eager to indulge in the rich tapestry of wine culture.

Hailing from the lush vineyards renowned for their fertility and perfect wine-growing conditions, Markovic Estates has crafted a Shiraz that speaks volumes of its heritage. While the exact origin remains a cherished secret of the vintners, it embodies the classic characteristics of a premium Shiraz, known for its bold flavors and impeccable balance.

Upon pouring, you’re greeted with a deep, inviting ruby color, an allusion to the sensory journey you’re about to embark upon. The first sip reveals layers of complex flavors, beginning with a robust profile of dark fruits – think plump blackberries and ripe plums, transitioning into subtler notes of spice and a hint of pepper, hallmark traits of a refined Shiraz. The finish is smooth, with a tannic structure that promises well for both immediate enjoyment and potential aging, offering a versatility that is much appreciated by wine lovers.

Whether you’re looking to elevate a special dinner, seeking the perfect gift accompanied by a wine gift box, or simply wish to explore the vast world of wines, the Markovic Estates Shiraz is more than a bottle – it’s an experience. Coupled with the convenience of alcohol delivery from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this wine not only graces your wine rack but also stands as a testament to the joy of discovering new flavors and making every occasion memorable.

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