Decanted – Red Blend 750mL


Savor the elegant Decanted Red Blend, a 750mL bottle of refined taste available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Crafted from select vineyards, this blend offers a symphony of flavors, with notes of rich berries, a hint of spice, and a smooth finish. Perfect for those who appreciate the complexity of a meticulously developed wine. Elevate your next meal or celebration. Ships nationwide.

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Dive into the epitome of craftsmanship with the exquisite Decanted Red Blend, a stellar addition to our cherished selections at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Born from the lush vineyards renowned for producing the world’s most honored wines, this 750mL bottle contains a symphony of flavors, making it a testament to the art of winemaking. While the exact origin of Decanted leans towards the tradition-rich soils likely bounded by the historic wine regions, its blend harmonizes the boldness and depth one anticipates in a premium red.

Each sip unfolds layers of complexity, inviting the palate to a dance of ripe berries, subtle oak undertones, and a hint of spice that crescendos into a smooth, velvety finish. This versatile red blend is meticulously crafted, embodying the elegance and intensity that aficionados have come to appreciate from our selection. Ideal for any occasion, from a cozy dinner to a celebratory toast, it pairs magnificently with a spectrum from hearty cheeses to robust meats.

Our long heritage of curating the finest wines and spirits for our connoisseurs compels us to present this Decanted Red Blend. Whether opting for local delivery within the scenic expanse of Long Island, in-store pickup, or taking advantage of our nationwide shipping, we ensure this bottle arrives ready to captivate. Consider enhancing this gift of the vine with our personalized wine bottle engraving or adding it to a sophisticated wine gift box, making any moment memorable. Embark on a journey of taste with this emblem of fine wine, a perfect addition to your wine glass from our wine rack to yours.

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