12 Knights – Red Blend 750mL


Experience the noble taste of 12 Knights Red Blend, a majestic offering from the heart of Long Island, New York. Crafted with a mélange of rich flavors and a velvety texture, this 750mL bottle delivers a harmonious blend fit for royalty. Its deep, robust notes make it a perfect companion for fine dining or a cozy night in. Savor the craftsmanship of each sip, available from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant.

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Embark on a journey of taste and tradition with the 12 Knights Red Blend from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your premier destination for fine wine and spirits. Nestled in the vibrant community of Commack, New York, this online store brings the rich flavors of the world to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re seeking local pickup, fast local delivery on Long Island, or nationwide shipping.

12 Knights, a distinguished brand renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence, presents a Red Blend that encapsulates the essence of craftsmanship. This 750mL bottle of red wine is a testament to the rich heritage and meticulous winemaking process that the brand is known for. Crafted from a selection of the finest red grapes, this blend offers a harmonious balance of flavor, aroma, and texture.

Originating from the lush vineyards known for producing some of the most celebrated wines, the 12 Knights Red Blend is a curated symphony of taste, embodying notes of ripe berries, delicate spices, and a hint of oak. This wine’s intricate flavor profile makes it an impeccable choice for an array of culinary pairings, from hearty meat dishes to refined cheese platters, enhancing the dining experience with its versatility.

What sets this bottle apart is not just its exquisite taste but the opportunity for customization through bottle engraving, making it an ideal gift for connoisseurs or a memorable addition to any collection. Dive into the world of fine wine with the 12 Knights Red Blend, and let Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant be your guide to exploring the nuanced world of wine and spirits. Whether you’re near or far, this Long Island treasure is your gateway to a comprehensive selection of sweet red wines, rose wines, white wines, and more, promising an unparalleled shopping experience.

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