Dutton Goldfield – Pinot Noir 750mL


Experience the elegance of Dutton Goldfield Pinot Noir, a 750mL bottle of refined taste direct from the lush vineyards of California. This exceptional wine, known for its complex flavors of ripe cherry and spice, is perfect for enhancing your special moments. Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we offer nationwide shipping to bring this exquisite treasure from our wine rack to your glass.

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Dutton Goldfield Pinot Noir is a standout selection at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, a premier liquor store, that prides itself in offering an exceptional variety of fine wines and spirits to enthusiasts nationwide. Crafted in the renowned wine-growing region of California, USA, Dutton Goldfield is celebrated for its meticulous vineyard selection and precision winemaking, laying the foundation for this Pinot Noir’s exquisite character.

This 750mL bottle of Dutton Goldfield Pinot Noir encapsulates the essence of its terroir, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas that speak to the connoisseur’s palate. Its profile is a sophisticated dance of ripe red fruits, notably cherries and raspberries, gracefully entwined with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and earthy undertones. The wine’s delicate balance between acidity and tannins makes it both vibrant and smooth, allowing for a lingering, elegantly nuanced finish.

Perfect for special occasions or as a thoughtful gift, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers additional services like wine gift boxes and bottle engraving to personalize your purchase. Whether you’re looking to enhance your wine rack or find the perfect pour to complement your dinner, this Pinot Noir promises to elevate any moment. Enjoy local delivery in the Long Island area or take advantage of nationwide shipping to savor this exquisite wine wherever you are in the US. Dive into the world of fine wine and good spirits with this exceptional offering, and let your wine glass be a vessel of unparalleled tasting experience.

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