La Delizia – Pinot Grigio 750mL


Experience the refreshing notes of La Delizia Pinot Grigio – a distinguished choice from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Hailing from Italy, this 750mL bottle boasts a crisp, light flavor profile with hints of citrus and pear. It’s ideal for any occasion or as a sophisticated addition to your wine selection. Ship it nationwide or pick it up locally in Commack, New York. Elevate your wine glass with La Delizia.

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Nestled in the heart of Commack, New York, on the illustrious Long Island, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant prides itself on its exceptional selection of fine wines and spirits.Among our treasured collection is the La Delizia Pinot Grigio, a delightful 750mL embodiment of Italian winemaking craft. La Delizia, a renowned brand hailing from the vibrant vineyards of Italy, is celebrated for its adherence to quality and tradition, producing some of the most sought-after wines worldwide.

This exquisite Pinot Grigio is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. Known for its crisp, refreshing taste, the La Delizia Pinot Grigio offers a perfect harmony of flavors. Each sip reveals a delicate blend of green apple and pear notes, accented with hints of citrus and almond, leading to a finish that is both smooth and invigorating. Its light, straw-yellow hue complements the wine’s fresh and clean palate, making it an ideal choice for a variety of occasions.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we understand the value of craftsmanship and the art of winemaking. Therefore, we are thrilled to offer this fine selection to our patrons across all 50 states, with options for local pickup, delivery, and nationwide shipping. Whether you’re seeking to enrich your personal wine collection, discover a new favorite, or find the perfect gift in our wine gift box options (complete with bottle engraving services), the La Delizia Pinot Grigio stands as a distinguished choice among our curated offerings. Enjoy the essence of Italian viticulture with every bottle, meticulously selected and presented by your local experts in fine wine and good spirits.

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