Cortenova – Pinot Grigio 750mL


Discover the elegant Cortenova Pinot Grigio, a fine offering from our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant selection. This exquisite Italian wine, nestled in a 750mL bottle, boasts refreshing flavors with hints of crisp apples and fragrant blossoms. Perfect for refined palates, it’s ideal for those special moments or gifts. Enjoy nationwide shipping or local pickup from our Commack, NY location.

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Discover the elegant and refreshing Cortenova Pinot Grigio, a distinct selection from our fine wine collection at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Perfect for discerning palates, this 750mL bottle embodies the quintessential qualities of premium Italian wine. Cortenova is renowned for its dedication to quality and tradition, making this Pinot Grigio a standout choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

This wine hails from the picturesque vineyards of Italy, a country celebrated for its rich wine-making heritage and exceptional grape varieties. The Cortenova Pinot Grigio is no exception, offering a harmonious balance of crisp acidity and nuanced flavors. Each sip reveals delicate notes of green apples, ripe pear, and a hint of almond, underscored by a subtle minerality that’s characteristic of top-tier Pinot Grigio. The light-bodied nature of this wine makes it an ideal companion for a range of dishes, from seafood to light pastas, enhancing the culinary experience with its refined taste profile.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are committed to bringing you an unrivaled wine selection from across the globe, right to your doorstep. Whether you’re in search of something exquisite for a special occasion or simply want to elevate your wine rack, the Cortenova Pinot Grigio represents the epitome of Italian craftsmanship. Opt for our personalized wine bottle engraving service or add a luxurious wine gift box to make it an unforgettable gift. Enjoy fast local delivery in New York or take advantage of our nationwide shipping to share this exceptional wine with friends and family across the US. Experience the best of Long Island’s wine offerings with every glass.

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