Simone – Merlot 1.5L


Discover the Simone Merlot 1.5L at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant – your premier destination for fine wines. This Merlot, from the renowned vineyards of Italy, offers a velvety smooth taste with subtle hints of dark cherry and spices. Perfect for any occasion, elevate your dinner or gift a memorable experience with this exquisite wine. Fast shipping nationwide or local delivery available.

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Delight your senses and elevate your wine collection with the exquisite Simone – Merlot 1.5L, a sterling addition from the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your premier source for fine wines and spirits. Nestled in the heart of Commack, New York, this online store caters to all 50 states, offering a broad spectrum of alcoholic beverages from the sweet melodious notes of red wine to the delicate touches of rosé and white wine. Among its diverse offerings stands the Simone Merlot, a testament to the store’s commitment to quality and taste.

The Simone Merlot, hailing from the lush vineyards of France, is a wine that encapsulates the essence of its terroir, delivering a rich, velvety experience that is unmistakably Merlot. Its 1.5L bottle ensures there’s plenty to share or savor over multiple occasions. Perfectly balanced, this wine showcases a harmonious blend of ripe plum and black cherry flavors, elegantly intertwined with subtle hints of vanilla and oak, courtesy of meticulous aging.

Ideal for enhancing any meal or serving as the centerpiece of a wine tasting, the Simone Merlot promises a memorable palate experience. Whether you’re looking to commemorate a special occasion or simply treat yourself, this wine, paired with the option of a wine gift box or bottle engraving, makes for a thoughtful and sophisticated choice. Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant ensures that this fine selection can grace your table with ease, thanks to their efficient local and nationwide delivery services. Indulge in the richness of Simone Merlot and bring the prestige of fine wine into your home.

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