Escorihuela – Malbec 750mL


Discover the rich, bold flavors of Escorihuela Malbec from Argentina, available now at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant in Commack, NY! A perfect 750mL bottle that encapsulates the essence of quality Malbec with its deep red hue, offering notes of plum and berry with a touch of vanilla. Ideal for any occasion, order now for nationwide shipping or local delivery on Long Island.

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Discover a gem in the vast selections of our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant with the Escorihuela Malbec. Esteemed for its rich heritage and exceptional quality, Escorihuela hails from Argentina, the world’s most renowned region for Malbec wines. This vineyard has, since its inception in 1884, dedicated itself to perfecting the art of winemaking, resulting in wines that are not just beverages but profound experiences.

The Escorihuela Malbec, presented in a classic 750mL bottle, embodies the soul of Argentinian terroir. Once poured, it reveals a deep, inviting ruby hue, hinting at the depth of character housed within. Each sip offers a symphony of flavors; ripe, dark fruits like blackberries and plums dance on the palate, seamlessly blending with subtle notes of vanilla and tobacco, a nod to its aging in oak barrels. The tannins are perfectly balanced, providing structure without overwhelming, leading to a finish that is both elegant and lingering.

Ideal for those exploring the Malbec varietal, this wine promises to elevate any dining experience, pairing exquisitely with meats and hearty dishes, yet remains delightful when enjoyed on its own. Add an extra layer of thoughtfulness with a personalized engraving or present it in our fancy wine gift box for those special occasions.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are proud to offer this exquisite expression of Argentinian winemaking craft. Whether you’re near or far, take advantage of our nationwide shipping or local delivery services to enjoy the Escorihuela Malbec, a bottle that bridges continents and brings the essence of fine wine right to your glass.

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