Chateau Rousselle – Cotes De Bourg 750mL


Discover the exquisite Chateau Rousselle Cotes De Bourg, a French Red wine that offers a journey of flavor in every glass. Made in France, this 750mL bottle showcases the richness of Bordeaux’s terroir, presenting a harmonious blend of complex flavors and aromas. Perfect for enhancing your dining experience or as a distinguished gift in our fancy wine gift box option. Elevate your wine collection today!

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Nestled in the charming vineyards of Bordeaux, France, Chateau Rousselle proudly presents its premier offering, the Cotes De Bourg. This enchanting 750mL bottle of French Red wine is a testament to the rich winemaking heritage that Chateau Rousselle is renowned for. A distinguished selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this wine embodies the essence of fine winemaking, reflecting the lush landscapes from which it originates.

Crafted with meticulous care, the Cotes De Bourg boasts a complex bouquet of flavors that dance harmoniously on the palate. Its robust body is adorned with notes of ripe blackberries and cherries, delicately intertwined with subtle hints of oak and vanilla, finishing with a whisper of earthy undertones that elegantly linger long after the last sip. This exquisite blend is a celebration of the grape’s natural richness, enhanced through traditional winemaking techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Perfect for connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike, this wine is a fitting centerpiece for any gathering, turning moments into cherished memories. Whether enjoyed on a quiet evening at home or as a sophisticated accompaniment to a sumptuous meal, the Chateau Rousselle Cotes De Bourg is sure to elevate any occasion.

At the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are honored to offer this exceptional wine, available for shipping across all 50 states. Make your moments special with a bottle of Chateau Rousselle Cotes De Bourg, or gift it in a wine box to impart a touch of elegance to any celebration. Experience the art of fine wine and good spirits with us, your premier destination for the world’s most revered beverages.

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