Chateau Ducourt – Merlot/cab Bordeaux 1.5L


Delight in the elegant Chateau Ducourt Merlot/Cab Bordeaux, a masterpiece from France, now available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 1.5L bottle offers a harmonious blend of Merlot and Cabernet, boasting a rich palate with notes of ripe berries and subtle oak. Perfect for special occasions or as a refined gift, this French Red wine promises to elevate your dining experience. Nationwide shipping available.

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Dive into the opulent world of French winemaking with the Chateau Ducourt Merlot/Cab Bordeaux, a magisterial 1.5L offering that epitomizes the rich heritage and sophisticated palate of Bordeaux’s esteemed vineyards. Crafted with a masterful blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes, this wine is a testament to the legacy of the Chateau Ducourt family, a lineage renowned for their dedication to viticulture and the art of winemaking in France.

This Bordeaux blend presents an exquisite, velvety texture with a complexity of flavors that harmonize beautifully in the glass. On the nose, it offers an inviting bouquet of ripe dark fruits, like blackberries and plums, intertwined with subtle hints of oak and vanilla, a nod to its careful aging process. The palate is greeted with a robust yet balanced taste, where the luscious fruitiness is complemented by notes of spice, chocolate, and a whisper of tobacco, culminating in a smooth, lingering finish.

Ideal for special occasions or as a generous gift, this wine exemplifies the elegance and craft of French winemaking. Its larger bottle size ensures there is plenty to share or savor over an extended celebration, making it a perfect addition to any gathering or an impressive centerpiece on your dinner table. Elevate your wine collection or engrave a bottle for a personalized touch through Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, where this Bordeaux’s journey from our wine rack to your wine glass promises an unmatched tasting experience, delivered with care anywhere in the United States.

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