Manos Del Sur – Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL


Discover Manos Del Sur Cabernet Sauvignon at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant – your go-to for fine wines. Hailing from the lush vineyards of Chile, this 750mL bottle offers a rich blend of bold flavors, with hints of dark fruit and a smooth finish. Perfect for any occasion, it’s a stellar addition to our curated selection of world-class wines. Order now for delivery across all 50 states.

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Discover the robust elegance of Manos Del Sur Cabernet Sauvignon, a premier selection from the esteemed vineyards of Chile. This exquisite 750mL offering is a tribute to the mastery of South American winemaking, embodying the rich terroir of its region. At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, located in Commack, New York, we are delighted to showcase this fine wine, which harmoniously blends the traditional with the pioneering spirit of Chilean viticulture.

Manos Del Sur Cabernet Sauvignon is distinguished by its lush, velvety texture and a complex bouquet of aromas. On the palate, it reveals layers of dark fruit, notably blackcurrant and cherry, accented with subtle hints of vanilla and spice obtained from meticulous aging in oak barrels. The finish is long and satisfying, with a perfect balance of acidity and tannins that speaks to its exceptional craftsmanship.

Perfect for any occasion, from casual gatherings to more formal dinners, this Cabernet Sauvignon pairs wonderfully with hearty meats, robust cheeses, and rich pasta dishes. It presents an opportunity not only to enjoy a superb glass of wine but also to embark on a tasteful journey to the heart of Chile.

For those looking to surprise a loved one or commemorate a special moment, Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers the option to enhance your purchase with a wine gift box or a personalized bottle engraving, making Manos Del Sur more than just a gift, but a cherished keepsake.

Whether sourced for your wine rack or as a gift, Manos Del Sur Cabernet Sauvignon from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant ensures a delightful experience, bringing the best of Chilean wines right to your wine glass.

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