Conn – Right Bank Red 750mL


Explore the rich flavors of Conn – Right Bank Red, a distinguished addition to our Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant selection. Crafted from the finest Cabernet grapes, this 750mL bottle embodies the essence of its origin, offering a deep, complex palate sure to impress. Perfect for gifting or savoring, it brings a touch of elegance to any table. Nationwide shipping available.

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Discover the exquisite flavor of Conn – Right Bank Red, a meticulous blend embodying the essence of superb winemaking. Hailing from the lush vineyards nestled in the prestigious regions known for their exceptional Cabernet grapes, this 750mL bottle of red wine is a testament to the craft of winemaking that Conn brand passionately pursues. Each sip of the Right Bank Red reveals layers of complexity, with a rich tapestry of flavors that dance on the palate.

Crafted with careful attention to detail, this wine is a harmonious blend that captures the spirit of its origin. The Conn – Right Bank Red boasts a deep, inviting color, with aromas that enchant the senses. On the palate, it unfolds with notes of ripe red and black fruits, elegantly intertwined with hints of spice and subtle undertones of oak, derived from its aging process in fine barrels. This wine’s structure is impeccable, offering a balance between its robust tannins and velvety smooth finish, making it an exceptional choice for any occasion.

Perfect for enthusiasts seeking to expand their wine rack or as a thoughtful addition to any wine gift box, Conn – Right Bank Red is more than just a bottle of wine; it’s an experience. Whether you’re toasting to a special moment, enjoying a quiet evening, or exploring the depths of fine wine and good spirits, this Cabernet from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant is a choice that promises to elevate your wine glass with its distinguished character and unparalleled quality.

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