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Clos Du Val – Three Graces 750mL


Explore the sophisticated taste of Clos Du Val’s Three Graces, a standout among our fine wine selection. Hailing from the esteemed Napa Valley, this 750mL bottle captures the essence of premium Cabernet grapes, offering a harmonious blend that’s rich with complex flavors. Perfect for special occasions or as a luxurious gift, it’s a must-have for enthusiasts seeking the best in Long Island’s wine offerings.

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Discover the exquisite taste of Clos Du Val’s Three Graces, a distinguished addition to the prestigious range offered by Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This premier liquor store situated in Commack, New York, is renowned for its expansive selection of fine wines and good spirits, shipping to connoisseurs across all 50 states. The Clos Du Val Three Graces, housed in a generous 750mL bottle, epitomizes the height of winemaking elegance, embodying the rich heritage and meticulous craft of its Napa Valley origins.

Rooted in the heart of California’s wine country, Clos Du Val has long been celebrated for its innovative approach to winemaking, with Three Graces standing as a testament to the winery’s dedication to excellence. This exquisite wine weaves together the robust flavors characteristic of the Cabernet varietal, offering a complex and harmonious blend that is both timeless and contemporary. The wine’s intricate layers of flavor invite a tasting experience that moves from bold, ripe fruits to subtle, earthy undertones, culminating in a finish that is both smooth and enduring.

Whether you’re seeking to elevate a special event or to gift a memorable bottle that speaks volumes, the Clos Du Val – Three Graces is an impeccable choice. Enhance your offering with a personalized touch through Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant’s wine bottle engraving service or present this fine wine within a sophisticated wine gift box for an added air of elegance. Perfect for the discerning palate, this wine promises an unforgettable journey through the best of Napa Valley, right from our wine rack to your wine glass.

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