Castelio – Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL


Savor the fine taste of Castelio – Cabernet Sauvignon, a premium selection from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This exquisite 750mL bottle hails from the lush vineyards of France, offering a rich blend of dark fruit flavors and a hint of oak. Perfect for any occasion, enhance your dinner or gift a bottle with our personalized engraving service. Nationwide shipping available.

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Discover the exquisite taste of Castelio Cabernet Sauvignon, a truly remarkable addition to our premier selection of fine wines at the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This 750mL bottle embodies the rich and robust flavors that have made Cabernet Sauvignon one of the world’s most revered red wines. Castelio, known for its commitment to quality and elegance, crafts this wine with grapes sourced from some of the finest vineyards.

As you pour this wine into your glass, you’re greeted with a deep, inviting ruby hue, which hints at the complexity and depth waiting to be savored. The first sip introduces a harmony of luscious dark fruit flavors, notably blackcurrant and plum, complemented by subtle notes of vanilla and spice. This is thanks to the careful aging process in oak barrels, which imparts a smooth texture and adds layers of flavor.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is not just a wine; it’s a journey through the senses. Its full-bodied palate and well-rounded tannins make it the perfect companion for hearty meat dishes, elevating both the meal and the dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a fine wine on a quiet evening, Castelio Cabernet Sauvignon delivers an unparalleled experience.

At Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we are proud to offer this distinguished wine, reflecting our commitment to bringing only the best wine and spirits to our customers. Whether you’re near or far, enjoy the convenience of having this outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon delivered right to your door, ready to be uncorked and enjoyed. Its balance, complexity, and elegance make it a must-have for any wine aficionado.

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