Stolichnaya – Blueberi 1L


Experience the vibrant flavor of Stolichnaya Blueberi Vodka, a 1L spirit that promises to elevate your celebrations. Crafted in Latvia, this premium vodka is infused with natural blueberry flavors, creating a delightful sipping experience. Perfect for crafting exquisite cocktails or enjoying neat. Find this and more exceptional spirits at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, now shipping across all 50 states.

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Dive into the vibrant world of unique spirits with the Stolichnaya Blueberi, brought to you by the Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, your go-to online destination nestled in Commack, New York. This illustrious liquor store, known for its extensive range of fine wine and exquisite spirits, now ships the essence of exuberance and innovation across all 50 states. The Stolichnaya Blueberi is no exception to their dedication to quality and pleasure.

Stolichnaya, or Stoli as it’s affectionately known, has long been celebrated for its pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence. Born in the heart of Latvia, Stoli carries the spirit of its homeland, representing over 80 years of distilling mastery. The Blueberi variant is a testament to Stoli’s continuing innovation, blending the finest wheat and rye with the purest glacial water, all before it is infused with the essence of fresh blueberries.

Boasting a robust 1L bottle, Stolichnaya Blueberi opens with a feast of aromas, inviting you to indulge in a sensory journey. Its taste profile is a harmonious mélange of the sweet, slightly tart flavor of ripe blueberries with a smooth, premium vodka base, making it perfectly suited for crafting dynamic cocktails or enjoying chilled on its own. Each sip promises a delightful burst of berry goodness, accompanied by a smooth, refined finish that Stolichnaya is renowned for.

The Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant offers this remarkable spirit for delivery nationwide. Whether you’re elevating your home bar collection, seeking the perfect addition to your wine rack, or finding that unique gift, consider the option of adding a wine gift box or engraving the bottle for a personalized touch. Stolichnaya Blueberi represents the intersection of tradition and contemporary taste, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

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