Stolichnaya – 80 Vodka 1L


Discover the smooth and robust flavors of Stolichnaya – 80 Vodka, a premium spirit from the heart of Russia. This 1L vodka, perfect for any occasion, is a staple at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. Known for its exceptional quality and purity, Stolichnaya offers a classic taste that elevates your cocktails. Shop with us and enjoy shipping across all 50 states or local delivery in New York.

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Immerse yourself in the refined taste of Stolichnaya – 80 Vodka, a premium spirit that stands as a testament to the art of traditional vodka-making, brought to you by the renowned Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant. This distinguished vodka hails from the heart of Russia, a country celebrated for its rich vodka heritage, and Stolichnaya – 80 Vodka embodies the purity and classic flavors that have been cherished by vodka aficionados for generations.

Crafted with the finest wheat and rye grains, and artesian water from deep within the Russian earth, Stolichnaya is quadruple distilled, ensuring a spirit that is both incredibly smooth and richly textured. The meticulous filtration process further refines its clarity and smoothness, resulting in a vodka of unparalleled quality. Its bottle size of 1L promises ample enjoyment, whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as the cornerstone of your favorite cocktail.

The Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, nestled in Commack, New York, takes pride in offering such an exquisite vodka. Recognized for their extensive collection of fine wines and spirits, this premier liquor store extends an invitation to explore Stolichnaya – 80 Vodka amongst their carefully curated selection. Whether you’re indulging in a personalized wine tasting, selecting a case of wine, or seeking the perfect engraving for a wine gift box, this is alcohol delivery and local service at its most sophisticated.

By choosing Stolichnaya – 80 Vodka from this esteemed store, you’re not only bringing a piece of Russian vodka tradition into your home but also supporting a local business that commits to delivering excellence. Dive into the legacy of Stolichnaya; a spirit that graces your glass with a rich history, impeccable quality, and the promise of memorable moments shared.

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