Carmel Winery – Emerald Riesling 750mL


Delight in the Carmel Winery Emerald Riesling, a kosher delight from Israel. This 750mL bottle, perfect for any occasion, offers a fresh and aromatic experience with hints of citrus and tropical fruits. Available at Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, we ship this exquisite wine to all 50 states. Add elegance to your table or send as a refined gift with our wine gift box option.

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Emerald Riesling from Carmel Winery represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a characteristic hallmark of Israel’s pioneering winemaking heritage. At the heart of this exceptional wine is the legacy of Carmel Winery, established in 1882 by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. As Israel’s oldest and most decorated winery, Carmel has played a pivotal role in placing the country on the global winemaking map.

This 750mL bottle encapsulates the essence of the Emerald Riesling grape, a varietal known for its adaptability to the unique terroirs of Israel. The wine’s journey begins in the sun-kissed vineyards, benefiting from the Mediterranean climate that endows the grapes with their distinctive flavors. Upon tasting, one is greeted with a delightful interplay of crisp acidity and floral aromas, leading to a palette of luscious fruit flavors with hints of citrus and tropical fruits. This particular iteration, being Kosher, ensures adherence to meticulous winemaking practices, making it a perfect addition to any celebration or meal.

When procured from Long Island Wine & Spirit Merchant, this bottle not only promises a taste of Israel’s renowned viticulture but also embodies the convenience and excellence of modern-day liquor shopping. With services extending from local pickup in Commack, New York, to nationwide delivery, enjoying the fine offerings of Carmel Winery has never been easier. Whether you’re exploring the sweeter nuances of wine or are a seasoned enthusiast looking to add to your collection, the Emerald Riesling from Carmel Winery invites you to savor the rich tapestry of flavors that only a wine of this caliber can provide.

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